Degree Overview

Engineering Education

Degree Overview

Rigorous Academics

Rigorous academics means deep content knowledge. You'll be fully supported within the UCCS community to ensure your success. Your peers, professors, and the UCCS Excel Centers offer academic support for every UCCS student. Study areas, walk-in tutoring, custom sessions, online computer tutoring, and more are offered every day to help you succeed in your academic career.

Areas of rigor include science (chemistry, biology, physics), technology (computer science), engineering, and math (calculus 1-3).  Refer to the degree plan for a full listing of courses.


Merging solid STEM knowledge with teaching skills, you'll get the best of both worlds - science, technology, engineering, and math content paired with innovative STEM-specific teaching methods.

Your degree consists of 128 credits comprised of the following elements.

  • 24 hours - Engineering
  • 21 hours - Mathematics
  • 23 hours - Science
  • 32 hours - Teacher Preparation
  • 12 hours - General Education
  •  6 hours - Composition
  • 9-13 hours - Open Electives

Degree Plan

Refer to the degree plan (select year in the bar below) to see specific admission requirements and a list of courses. 


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