Career Possibilities

Engineering Education

Career Possibilities

During Your Degree

You will take a series of teaching instructional courses designed to prepare you to teach in a STEM classroom and give you field classroom experiences throughout your degree. At the same time that you are taking courses to prepare you as a teacher, you will be taking math, science, and engineering courses.

Within the engineering portion of the curriculum, and depending on your career goals and interests, you select technology and engineering courses to focus your degree.

As your degree's capstone experience, you will work in a team with engineering students on a real engineering problem from start to finish, providing valuable insights you will be able to share with your middle and high school students about what it's like to think and work as an engineer.

Upon Completion

Once licensed, you will have an education degree and be highly qualified in math and science. Future employers will highly value your degree. You may want to work in a middle school or high school teaching science or math, or STEM subjects such as engineering and technology. Or, you could continue your educational goals with a master's degree or other certification.